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Improve your review and decision processes at universities, institutes and companies.

Collect applications, proposals and reports...

Route them for review, approval and selection.

InfoReady has a variety of uses. Organizations use it for everything from managing research grant competitions to approving travel requests to deciding how to re-open campuses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Internal Funding Opportunities

SEE How Your Peers USE Infoready


Limited Submissions Competitions


Fellowships & Scholarships


Recognition Awards & Nominations


Approval Routing


Poster Competitions

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Forms and Applications

Routing, Approval, and Review

Reports and Insights

Awareness and Promotion

“We were struggling with using email and storing a large number of documents on various servers. It wasn’t very open or transparent. InfoReady has solved all of these problems for us.”

Jessica Durkin | Associate Director of Research

These clients have made InfoReady the

leading solution for higher-ed opportunity discovery and application processing