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InfoReady software allows you to quickly create online application, review and approval processes for:
Administration Decisions
  • Routine Approval Routing 
  • Approval of Major Expenses
  • Review of Strategic Decisions
  • Faculty Outside Employment Forms
  • Pandemic Re-Openings
  • Institute/Center Annual Reports
  • Classroom Assignment Approvals
  • Course Releases
  • Course Reviews
  • Reassigned Time Approval
Travel & International
  • Travel Request Approvals
  • Travel Grants
  • Global Programs / Study Abroad
  • International Agreements
  • Trip Applications
In Fall of 2020, The University of Massachusetts, Lowell used InfoReady in managing challenges related to

“InfoReady allowed us to call for, collect and review proposals for seed grants and campus re-entry rapidly and efficiently.

This helped the university to respond to the pandemic with speed, safety, and agility.

We look forward to utilizing InfoReady to evaluate additional access requests in the months ahead.”"

Dr. Anne Maglia
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at UMass Lowell


  • Post and share opportunities calls for proposals

  • Create custom forms

  • Collect and route proposals

  • Communicate with proposers, applicants and reviewers

  • Track activity and progress


  • Locate required forms

  • Complete online application forms

  • Get timely notifications and reminders

  • Keep track of historical poposals and applications

  • Submit materials and progress reports



  • Receive timely email reminders 

  • Access easily with single sign-on (SSO)

  • Complete all reviews in a single online workspace

  • Review with confidence, knowing forms and applications are complete and correct


"Any time we involve outside stakeholders, the system has to be robust, but it also has to be simple, intuitive, and seamless. It's why I keep coming back to InfoReady."

David Stone, PH.D., Chief Research Officer
Ready to learn how InfoReady can help you?



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