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Setting the Groundwork for Space Flight in Nebraska

How the NASA Nebraska Space Grant promotes, manages, and funds statewide space programs across eleven higher education institutions

In 2018 the NASA Nebraska Space Grant (NASA NE) headquarters had been happily housed at University of Nebraska at Omaha for some time, but they had a problem. The University of Nebraska has an inhouse system for funding applications, but it couldn’t be used for the other 10 Nebraska higher education institutions that are part of the NASA Nebraska Space Grant. For a time, they managed funding applications by mail and later email, but these systems are prone to human error and some applications occasionally got lost in the shuffle. It was time for a new solution that provided more visibility and accountability throughout the process.


NASA NE researched and found a solution that was able to be used for fellowship applications, research applications, travel grants for students and researchers, room reservations, applications for promotional materials, and more.


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