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InfoReady at PUIs: Research, Competitions
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How Primarily Undergraduate Institutions, Masters Colleges and Universities, and Small Doctoral Universities Use InfoReady in Many Ways...


Can PUI’s, M1’s and R2’s benefit from InfoReady as much as major research universities? 

The answer is an unqualified yes, according to Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s (IUP) Associate Dean for Research Hilliary Creely. Hilliary describes InfoReady as “one tool, many uses,” for her and Systems Manager Bethany Jackson.


Encouraging and promoting ongoing student research and creativity, and raising the game in both arenas, was a primary objective for Arkansas State University, an former M1 institution which has recently graduated to being an R2. Fulfilling its student research objective, Emily Devereaux, Executive Director of Research and Technology Transfer, transformed an annual symposium and poster competition for undergrads into a year-long effort, now known as Create@State, for undergrad and graduate students, both traditional and online using InfoReady.


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