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 Making Great Even Better: The InfoReady – Cayuse SP Integration

How The Infoready and Cayuse SP Integration seamlessly connects their strengths and capabilities.

InfoReady, based in Ann Arbor, MI, and Cayuse, based in Portland, OR, are two software vendors well known by the higher education research administration community. That recognition is based on the widespread acceptance of both InfoReady and Cayuse SP, each one long regarded as the platform of choice in its respective arena.

For Cayuse SP (for Sponsored Projects), that arena is proposal development, submission, and award; and project set-up, project management, and closeout. InfoReady’s focus – fully complementary to Cayuse SP – is soliciting grant applications and proposals from across campus, then routing them for review, approval, and selection.


You may download the case study by clicking on the PDF Button below:
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