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Why InfoReady’s Progress Report Functionality Matters




Imagine that it is months after a proposal has been awarded. You’ve completed the required post-award compliance. A funding agency – the NIH or NSF for example – contacts you as the admin of record. They inquire about follow-up papers, publications, and conference presentations related to a PI’s award. 

Here is one more scenario to consider. Your institution invests quite a bit in seed grant programs to encourage novel research and other new projects on campus. Senior leadership decides that they do not have good line of sight on the outcomes and successes of these internally funded grants and they want you to begin collecting the data.  

Could you respond quickly and comprehensively in either scenario, without haphazardly reaching out to the principal investigator or applicants and scrambling to collect information? How easily and quickly could you obtain the information if you didn’t already have it? The answer may depend on whether you utilize the Progress Report feature in InfoReady...


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