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Supporting Early Career Researchers

How the Jefferson Clinical Research Institute Uses InfoReady to Support Early Career Researchers


Philadelphia’s Jefferson Enterprise is an entity comprised of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, the latter of which includes 14 hospitals throughout the wider Philadelphia area. That kind of large academic-and-clinical structure can lead to imbalances or conflicts between the research function and the clinical function. Research results may need to be initially supported by the institution and can take years to reach fruition and yield revenue. The clinical function requires clinicians to see ‘X’ number of patients per day, perform ‘Y’ number of different procedures per week, and seek reimbursement by a third-party payer.  


Research competitions are good…but not funding battles between researchers and clinicians  


To avoid the danger of pitting research versus clinical care, Jefferson Enterprise leadership created research processes between the academic clinical innovation and institutional advancement pillars. These establish enterprise-wide administration management of research activities. The goal, essentially, is to establish turnkey operations so that any Jefferson entity can pursue research or clinical trials with reduced barriers to entry.


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