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Because InfoReady is so flexible and easy to use, institutions and organizations are finding new ways to use all the time. Here is growing list of the ways clients are using InfoReady today.

Limited Submissions

More success. Less busywork.

Automate competition, review, and approvals processes.

Fellowships & Scholarships

Select and support students and researchers.  Streamline the selection process for scholarships and fellowships.

University Students

Awards & Nominations

Select brilliant people and ideas.

Manage the selection of faculty, students, people, and ideas for awards.

Poster Competitions

Simplify student applications.

InfoReady gives you one tool to manage all your applications, from student research competitions to grant awards to internships.

Pilot & Seed Grants

Engage, attract and retain.

Enroll undergrads and K-12 youth in everything from ELO's to student organizations to summer camps.

Corporate Grants

Streamline your tools.

InfoReady creates an engaging campus home for foundations, corporations, alumni, and friends to support the advancement of the university and transfer technology.

Peer Review & Journal Submissions

Manage reviews by peers.

InfoReady runs peer review processes for journals, texts and conferences.

Travel Grants

Get organized. Get going.

InfoReady makes the review and approval of proposals a breeze.

No-Cost Extensions

Streamline funding processes.

InfoReady is the easiest way to administer grant and funding applications.

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Used on more than 200 campuses worldwide, including:
"Being a public university, we're accountable to taxpayers and the state of Georgia.  Anytime we invest in something, we want to leverage it as extensively as possible in order to maximize that investment."
Gail Spatt & Susan Roche
Office of the Executive Vice President for Research
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