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Lighten the load of
university-industry collaboration

Building strong partnerships with universities provides your business access to some of the best ideas, research, and thinkers in the world.  In return, your business offers students, researchers and faculty life-changing opportunities for mentoring, funding, awards, commercialization and more. 

But the administrative work to manage and grow these programs can consume significant amounts of staff time and energy.
Manual workflows using emails and spreadsheets are very difficult to scale as programs grow. To truly expand university and industry partnerships, your business needs an automated solution.

You need InfoReady.


InfoReady's cloud-based software automates all the time-consuming aspects of running application, review, and selection processes. InfoReady’s web-based portal provides one location to access applications, reviews, reports, and analytic data so programs run efficiently and effectively.

With InfoReady, you can streamline and automate the work involved in any selection process to build strong academic-industry partnerships.

Grow university-industry collaborations
faster and deeper with InfoReady

Expand your programs with ease.

The time savings from InfoReady’s automation helps your business build deeper partnerships with academia. Offer more programs and opportunities without burden to your current teams or the need to add staff. Our templates make launching new programs incredibly fast and easy.

Track and report accurately

Collect standard data consistently across programs. Generate real time insights for sharing across your organization providing for more informed, more strategic decisions about engagement efforts. 

Centralize your outreach.

With InfoReady, applications and reviews are collected in one web-based portal so you can manage hundreds of projects with thousands of applications to quickly share on your own website, on social media or any communication channel. 

One tool, many uses.

All InfoReady license levels include unlimited competitions and applications so there’s no limit to the ways you can use it to streamline internal workflows like expense approvals, time off requests, awards and more. 

Learn how InfoReady helps
your university-industry collaborations expand when  the administrative load
is lighter.


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Contact us at to schedule a discovery call or to schedule a
free demonstration.
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