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InfoReady Data Feeds
Automated Exports of Competition
Data and Decisions

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Optimizing the administration of grant competitions and other competitive workflows at your institution is valuable...

Having the resulting information available to other systems across your organization is powerful.

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An easy automated process for your team to use...

Done manually, constantly exporting data and loading it to other systems can be time-consuming, error-prone, and even cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, InfoReady Data Feeds solve this problem. Our engineers have the ability to configure a standardized export of data from our platform and automate the delivery to your institution on whatever frequency is needed.

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The Benefits of Data Feeds

Push data from InfoReady to your other platforms and databases to eliminate redundant work and reduce delays in data sharing.
Push data from InfoReady to your other platforms and databases to have a permanent archive.
Push data from InfoReady and have it for institutional research, excellence, and intelligence


How InfoReady Implements Data Feeds

Our team interviews your key stakeholders, determines your requirements, including data set, delivery method, and frequency.

The data feed is tested thoroughly by both our quality assurance team and your institution, first in a sandbox environment and then live on your production system.

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Popular Types of Data Feeds

Outbound data feed of submitted applications. Critical data exported typically includes the award decision, funding amounts, and account numbers.
Outbound data feed of competition details. This can be used to populate web pages, newsletters, etc. to streamline how you raise awareness of the available opportunities.

Brief Technical Details

Data delivery via SFTP, which can be set up by InfoReady. Frequency of data delivery (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) is determined by client.

Data set can include information about competitions, applications, reviews, or progress reports. Data can by filtered by multiple parameters to omit unneeded data.

Data format in JSON, .csv, or .xml. Custom fields sent as key-value pairs.

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