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Centralize your entire research ecosystem in one interactive engagement hub.

An engagement hub lets users find everything
in one place:

  • Scholarships and fellowships

  • Grants (Internal and External)

  • Competitions

  • Internal and External Faculty Awards

  • Resources and Tools

  • Reports and Publications

  • Seminars, Workshops, and Events

  • Lectures and Symposia

  • Policy, Handbooks, Guides, Tutorials

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Associations, Clubs, and Organizations

  • Community Resources and Programs

  • Visiting Scholars' Programs

  • Displays, Presentations, Exhibitions

  • Performances, Videos, Photos, Tours

Make discovery so much more intuitive.

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InfoReady makes data management easy by accommodating data feeds both in and out of InfoReady Review™

Institutions can work with InfoReady to set up a data integration with existing integration options, such as Pivot or Banner, or custom feeds to other software and data repositories.


Maintain a
centralized online presence
for competitions and other opportunities, while simultaneously catering to unique audiences.

How microsites work:

Microsites allow institutions to create distinct landing pages for units or groups of programs on InfoReady Review. Administrators can tailor content on microsites to specific audiences, post competitions directly to the microsite, and even limit permissions for other administrators to only operate within a specific microsite.

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