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How to Sign Up:




  • The purpose of the list is to promote discussion of research best practices, InfoReady tips and tricks, interesting competition ideas or InfoReady uses, etc. 

  • Please include your name, email, and institution on all postings.

  • Please include a clear and concise topic in the subject line.

  • Do not send out of office messages to the listserv. This may require creating a rule in Outlook or your email provider.

  • If you wished to be removed from the listserv, please do not message the list. Please use the unsubscribe link in a listserv email or email with your request.

  • Send thank you and supportive messages to the relevant user, not the list.

  • Only send a message to the entire list when it makes sense to do so.

  • For lengthy posts please include "Long Message" in the subject.




  • Conversations must be civil. Any derogatory or abusive language will be removed and the user may lose posting privileges.

  • List conversations will be visible to all users. Don't post anything you would not like to be seen by the entire group.

  • No commercial messages or job postings should be posted on the listserv.

  • InfoReady may reproduce content on the listserv to benefit other users.

  • Do not SPAM the listserv with any off topic subjects, jokes, chain letters, etc.

  • Request connection with other users on an individual basis, do not message the entire list.

  • Do not collect user emails for other uses.

Administrators can sign up for the list at:

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