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Make sure your institute nurtures great ideas and talented people.

Our software platform automates all the time-consuming aspects of running your application, review, and selection process.

Streamlined Application Processes = Cost Savings + Better Outcomes

  • InfoReady streamlines application and review processes 
  • Simple to set up and easy to use.
  • Flexible, allowing an institute to set up the exact application and review process it needs.
  • Easy configurability to enable easy changes to your process over time.
  • Specifically built for research grantmaking and fellowship selections, serving over 170 of the top research organizations worldwide.

InfoReady is an ideal solution for institutes that want their team to focus less on administrative work and more on high priority goals. 

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Features That Make InfoReady Ideal for Institutes:

  • Clear and simple forms for your applicants.
  • Collects letters of support from third parties.
  • A better review process allows reviewers to focus on the quality of the application and submissions.
  • Streamlining progress reports increases awardee accountability and gives institutes wonderful stories to share with their parent institutions and/or donors.
  • Easy reporting gives transparency of results to share with the institute’s board / parent institution.
  • Complements your existing accounting and post-award systems.
  • Excellent support from the InfoReady team.

InfoReady allows reviewers, researchers, and administrators to focus on quality results for your institute.

"The service team at InfoReady is top-notch. They are the gold standard to which I compare all other companies.
Lisa Youngentob | Director of Research Development

An Easy User Experience

The research administrator at your institute sets up the solicitations and forms for each type of grant or fellowship available from your organization.

Applicants fill out forms and upload required attachments to apply for the grant.

Your internal and external grant application reviewers receive emails and reminders to review the collected application packages.


Your administrator has easy, total oversight of every project decision, as needed, for committee minutes, decision archives, etc.

The administrator receives the completed reviews and awards grants and fellowships to successful applicants. InfoReady automatically collects progress reports from awardees over time.

InfoReady software allows you to quickly create an online application, review, and selection process for: 
  • Engaging researchers and scholars to seek grants and fellowships
  • Re-granting
  • Travel grants
  • Seed grants
  • Awards
  • Limited submission competitions
  • Grants from corporations, agencies, and industry
And then, promote your success stories with InfoReady's Engagement Hub.
"What used to take 15-40 hours to administer, now takes 1-2 hours."

Kim Littlefield
Assistant VP for Research Development and Learning


  • Post and share opportunities

  • Create custom forms

  • Collect and route proposals

  • Communicate with applicants and reviewers

  • Track activity and progress


  • Search for relevant opportunities

  • Complete online applications

  • Submit progress reports

  • Get timely notifications and reminders

  • Keep track of historical applications

  • Submit progress reports



  • Receive timely email reminders 

  • Access easily with single sign-on (SSO)

  • Complete all reviews in a single online workspace

  • Review with confidence, knowing forms and applications are complete and correct


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See how InfoReady can help you.

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