• Andrew Bank

InfoReady And AAC&U

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

InfoReady’s leadership just returned from the AAC&U’s (Association of American Colleges and Universities) 2017 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. This year’s theme, Building Public Trust in the Promise of Liberal Education and Inclusive Excellence, proved to be fertile ground to share InfoReady Thrive™, our new platform for improving student success. Just as our flagship product InfoReady Review™ uses data science and algorithmic matching to connect the best researchers to the most appropriate research grants, Thrive uses similar technology to match the right students into the right “engaged learning experiences”, sometimes called High-Impact Practices or HIPs. HIPs are well-known and acknowledged in Higher Education for boosting student success in school and beyond.

InfoReady staff including Bhushan Kulkarni (CEO), Dan Stechow (Chief Engagement Guy), and Andrew Bank (Strategy & Business Development) met and mingled with many of administrators who were already excited about Thrive.

“It’s like Match.com for students and HIPs,” said one conference-goer. “Instead of counting on students to find what’s best for them, Thrive guides them through a personalized pathway to connect them to the right HIPs based on their personal profile.”

We couldn’t have said it better!