• Dan Stechow

"Let's Get Engaged!"

Hi everyone. I’m very excited to tell you about InfoReady’s presentation at the Great Lakes Regional Student Success Conference on Thursday, February 16. We were proud to announce our partnership with Eastern Michigan University and were joined by EMU’s Interim Provost and Executive Vice President, Rhonda Longworth, Ph.D. I had the distinct honor of unveiling InfoReady’s new Thrive Platform – A cool new way of driving student engagement by matching the right students with the right High-Impact Practices offered by universities. We then got our audience involved in sharing their own successes and challenges with the delivery of their own HIPs, with help and guidance from our very own Dr. Julia Spears, a card-carrying expert in student engagement and a member of our product development team. There was plenty of spirited debate, but I believe that everyone found our strategies and assumptions on point. In short, we hope to announce additional partnerships soon. Stay tuned for more details and developments. We’re out to change the way universities engage their students and this was a big first step in the right direction!

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