• Carlos Moncada

Answers At Your Fingertips!

Updated: Aug 21

InfoReady’s cornerstone product, InfoReady Review, is all about increasing your efficiency. Figuring out how to bring that efficiency to a variety of processes can profoundly change the way that any department functions. With this in mind, we’re excited to unveil the InfoReady Support Portal.

The InfoReady Support Portal has both answers-on-demand for those working their way through the system’s features and functionality, as well as forums for users to share best practices, pose questions, and collaborate. Either way, you’re sure to find unique and different ways to harness InfoReady Review’s extensive capabilities.

We’re especially proud of our new How-To video library. With dozens of step-by-step videos that walk you through the entire system, you’re sure to find the answers you need when you need them. For more basic questions, our FAQ section is regularly updated according to feedback directly from administrators, reviewers, and applications.

From posing questions to fellow InfoReady Review users from other institutions, to learning more about how a colleague is using InfoReady products, the InfoReady Support Portal is here to help.

[Currently, Administrators can access the InfoReady Support Portal by clicking “Help” in the upper right-hand corner of their InfoReady Review home screen, and then clicking the “support ticket” link.]


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