• Erica Schaffel

Who Should You Share With? A follow up to our conversation with Georgia Tech

A few weeks ago we published a blog post called "How (and Why) Georgia Tech Expanded InfoReady Review™ Across Their Institution". In response to that post, we’ve heard from many curious clients who want to know what other offices on THEIR campus might be interested in using InfoReady Review.

Although InfoReady Review was initially built for Offices of Research/Sponsored Programs there are over 40 different types of offices using our solution today. Here are some of the other offices where InfoReady Review is most commonly found, and their favorite ways to use it:

  • Graduate Schools: Fellowships and Awards

  • Corporate Foundation Relations: Limited Submissions for Foundations, Sponsorship Requests

  • Medical Schools: Internal Grants and Awards

  • Provosts Offices/Offices of Faculty Affairs: Awards, Internal Grants, Faculty Forms and Applications (tenure, promotion, sabbatical, requests for release time, notifications of outside employment, etc.)

  • Centers/Institutes: Re-granting, Travel Grants, Seed Grants, Awards, Limited Submission Competitions,

  • President’s Offices: Sponsorship requests, Awards, Internal Grants

  • Undergraduate Research/Honors Colleges: Internal Grants, Fellowships, Honors Contracts, Research Assistantships, Poster Competitions

  • Individual Colleges/Departments: Awards, Travel Grants, Scholarships

  • Human Resources: Awards

  • Career Development Centers: Internship Applications

Want to learn more specifics about how/why these offices use InfoReady Review? Email us a axydis@inforeadycorp.com.