• Erica Schaffel

Research Administration for the Win at Texas Tech University

Updated: Feb 9

At a recent Texas Tech Staff Senate meeting there were two resolutions up for a vote: one regarding a street closure and the other to support members of the TTU community affected by President Trump’s Travel Ban. Unfortunately, there were not enough attendees at the meeting to meet the necessary quorum for an official vote.

There was discussion on a few options for collecting votes outside of the meeting, including email and free polling tools (like Doodle), but those options could be time consuming, tedious, and prone to error. The Staff Senate also discussed postponing the vote, but that would require waiting a full month for the next meeting, which was not desirable.

Luckily, Dustin Delano was there that day.

Dustin is an Administrator for the Office of the Vice President for Research at Texas Tech University (TTU). He uses InfoReady Review™ to automate internal funding competitions, registrations, and nominations.

Although Dustin had never seen InfoReady Review used for voting, after quickly thinking it through, he decided it could be done. So he volunteered to manage the voting process.

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Using the General Template, Dustin created a competition called “Staff Senate Vote”.

  2. The resolutions were entered as individual applications to the competition. Draft wording and photos (a map of the street closure) were uploaded as a part of the applications for senators wishing to learn more about each resolution, or provide specific feedback.

  3. Every member of the Staff Senate was assigned as a “reviewer” for both resolutions (“Applications”) and were asked to vote yay or nay (using the Approve/Do Not Approve Routing Step type).

  4. Once enough responses were received for a quorum, Dustin downloaded the results into an Excel sheet to quickly sort, count, and share the results with the Staff Senate.

We’re definitely impressed with Dustin’s ingenuity, and the rest of the Staff Senate was too. Liz Inskip-Paulk, the Staff Senate President, said “InfoReady Review’s voting process ran extremely smoothly and, thanks to Senator Dustin Delano, asking for widespread Senatorial input has been greatly simplified.”

The Texas Tech Staff Senate has already decided to automate a third resolution with InfoReady Review for the following reasons:

  1. About half of the Staff Senators had never used InfoReady Review before and Dustin received only positive feedback.

  2. InfoReady Review provided Dustin with the ability to quickly and easily share results summaries, with the option to pass on or keep confidential individual voter responses and comments.

  3. The ability to re-send invites to any member who had not yet responded was a major time-saver.

  4. The ability to track votes and voters was crucial to this process. Having InfoReady Review integrated with TTU’s Single Sign-on made that level of tracking possible and, more importantly, made it quick and simple.

Thank you to Dustin, and Texas Tech University, for sharing their story.

Have you used InfoReady Review in an interesting, “non-traditional” way? Email axydis@inforeadycorp.com and tell us about it!