• Max Dynerman

Tapping into the Industry at NCURA's Annual Meeting

This year’s NCURA annual meeting was once again held at the historic Hilton in the heart of Washington, DC. NCURA continues to be one of the premier resources serving the research administration community, which attracts attendees hailing from as far away as Nigeria and Japan.

InfoReady was once again grateful to sponsor the annual meeting, with a great team on hand to explore opportunities, take the temperature of the industry, and interface with existing clients in a great setting. Max Dynerman, InfoReady’s Director of Sales and an NCURA veteran, explained that NCURA’s programming is uniquely valuable for new administrators in growing organizations. Max says, ‘’There’s a ton of great introductory programming for folks who are new to the industry, and it’s an exciting place for us to meet the next generation of administrators and learn about their goals and strategies.”

Joining Max for the first time this year was Carlos Moncada, Director of Client Services at InfoReady. Carlos was able to interface with clients who he has known for years from phone conversations, and attended sessions to tap into the industry pulse.

Carlos identified some themes and highlights from the conference, noting that, ‘’A topic that frequently came up was the need for good communication with Principal Investigators and reviewers when managing a competition or implementing new systems.’’ Carlos explains, “Good communication and organization are crucial for smooth competition management.”