How Cal State Automated California Residency Appeals While Retaining a Personal Touch

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Recently we spoke with Ty Melvin, Web Application Developer at the Chancellor’s Office for the California State University (CSU) System. Ty had been tasked with figuring out how to update CSU’s process of California residency appeals and he chose InfoReady.

Implementation of any software is a huge task, especially when it involves as many actors as the multi-campused CSU. Melvin learned a lot during the time he implemented InfoReady, and shared his best practices with us.

1. Strategically decide where to plug InfoReady into your process. In some cases, like Melvin’s, InfoReady works better plugged into certain parts of the process, while administrators still perform a few of the more personalized aspects of the appeals process. Knowing how sensitive the nature of an appeals process can be for the appellant, Melvin spent time up front looking at the manual process and where InfoReady could be most useful and where it made the more to keep a totally human touch. The result is a fully streamlined process that is still empathetic.

2. Convince administrators to use InfoReady by demonstrating how much time it will save them.

Melvin knew that no matter how well he implemented InfoReady, it would all go for naught if he couldn’t convince the administrators to actually use the system. During his conversations with the more skeptical administrators, Melvin extolled InfoReady’s biggest benefit: time saving. While it may take a small amount of learning up front, he told them, InfoReady would immediately save them huge chunks of time in their day because it would run large portions of the process for them.

3. Keep communication lines open with users.

Melvin also knew his job didn’t end with simply selling the administrators on using the system. He spent time teaching the administrators exactly how to use the system and then kept the lines of communication open. With so many people using the system, he knew there would be plenty of user error in the first days. He made it clear to the administrators that they should seek his help when they encountered a problem, rather than staying quiet and reverting to their old processes.

Melvin says InfoReady has vastly simplified the appeals process communication at CSU and he finds it to be such a good tool he’s recommended it to others. Are you ready to find out what InfoReady could do for you? Schedule a demo now >