• Maurice Collins

How one University Research Department Doubled their Staff’s Output — with Less Effort

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Indiana University (IU), an InfoReady customer, has found great success in deploying a tool called “microsites,” allowing them to more than double their staff’s output while reducing their effort.

A microsite is a branded landing page where InfoReady customers can present information and funding opportunities that are relevant to different teams, organized by campus, unit, or function. With microsites, you can run multiple, distinct landing pages that all connect to the same InfoReady database behind the scenes.

We sat down with IU’s Faith Kirkham Hawkins, Associate Vice President at the Office of the Vice President for Research, and Alicia Feltner, Program Coordinator for the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, to find out how they’ve done it. Hawkins is on the team that oversees the system-wide opportunities, while Feltner is on the Bloomington campus team. Together, they represent two of the three teams that use InfoReady at IU.

Hawkins and Feltner shared three tips to make microsites effective for your institution:

1. Pilot with one team first.

IU chose to roll out InfoReady in stages, beginning with a pilot at the Indianapolis campus, as that campus used less automation than the others. They did this in order to learn what was most effective and ensure that all administrators were comfortable with the software.

After observing how effective the microsite proved to be at the Indianapolis campus, they then expanded it to the Bloomington campus and the rest of the IU system. This staged rollout also helped them communicate more specific benefits to the other campuses, improving adoption.

2. Share best practices across teams.

Hawkins told us she works hard to ensure all three teams remain in close communication about their experience with InfoReady’s microsites in order to share best practices and make sure all three teams are utilizing the software successfully. She also revealed that InfoReady has helped the teams keep in better communication.

3. Decide how to standardize workflow at the outset.

Feltner told us that one important tip she has for teams running InfoReady is to standardize a workflow for opportunities. Standardizing a workflow ensures that all opportunities look the same to faculty and all opportunities are gathering the same data. At IU, she’s standardized a flow for her particular team, while the other two teams have different standardized flows. That’s what works for IU, but you may find it best to have all your teams using the same flow. The key is to make this decision early.

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