• Carlos Moncada

Introducing the InfoReady Product Roundtable

Here at InfoReady we put great value in “the voice of the customer”, as your feedback is often called. We go to great lengths to understand your needs and you have likely noticed that reflected in system updates and the product roadmap.

Most of your feedback typically comes in through customer service and account management. While that has served us well over the years, we want to take it up a level and create a forum where administrators have a more of active voice in bringing features to life and provide more guidance on the general direction of the products.

In that spirit, we are pleased to announce the InfoReady Product Roundtable, a forum for administrators to provide feedback and share ideas with InfoReady. At these virtual roundtables, we will present design mock-ups, product concepts, and beta implementations to gather feedback. Roundtable members will be able to actively influence the direction of the products and get a sneak peek at upcoming system updates.

We are looking for a core group of about 8 administrators to join the InfoReady Product Roundtable and meet by webinar once a month for 90 minutes. This is strictly a volunteer group, so no need to worry if you are ever unable to attend a session. If you are interested in joining the InfoReady Product Roundtable, please contact us at support@inforeadycorp.com. We will reach out to the roundtable group with more details in the coming weeks.

- The InfoReady Team


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