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A Developer's Takeaways on How to Implement InfoReady™

The following is a quick list of takeaways outlined by CSU’s Ty Melvin, from his own personal experience implementing InfoReady at California State University:

  1. InfoReady saves time - it may take a small investment of time upfront to learn the system, but it will save huge chunks of time as you keep using it.

  2. InfoReady makes things much easier - InfoReady automates large portions of an institution’s processes.

  3. It is important to fully comprehend and utilize InfoReady’s features, as the benefits gained are astronomical.

  4. Have an “expert” who can show others the way.

Ty Melvin, Web Application Developer at the Chancellor’s Office for the California State University system, was tasked with figuring out how to update CSU’s process of California residency appeals and ultimately chose InfoReady.

Get the full story here, or learn more about InfoReady within your organization here.

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