• jhudgins8

InfoReady: Relieving Even the Most Obscure Pain Points

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Here at InfoReady, we take great pride in hearing about the pain points we’ve alleviated for our customers. Most customers already understand and appreciate the relief we’re able to provide regarding the automation of laborious and manual review processes associated with:

  • Limited submissions

  • Internal funding grants

  • Research competitions

  • Developer grants

  • Internships, scholarships, fellowships

  • Many more

You can imagine our surprise when Saginaw Valley State University informed us of a successful implementation which involves using InfoReady for unmanned quadcopter drone registration! Drones are currently being used for sporting events, entertainment, class projects, photography, visual design, and much more.

The current Federal Aviation Administration laws requires registration for non-hobby usage of quadcopter drones. Higher-ed research does not fall under the non-hobby category, but SVSU quickly mediated this obstacle by using InfoReady to manage drone registration.

“We found using InfoReady was an efficient way for faculty to understand and upload the required information, route applications to the UAS committee for approval, and gather the required reports as mandated by law,” says Janet Rentsch, Director of Sponsored Programs.

In accordance with FAA policy, SVSU uses InfoReady to provide an approval process for members of the University to purchase and employ unmanned aircraft systems from activities both on and off SVSU properties. Has InfoReady helped relieve you of an unexpected pain point? If so, we would love to hear about it!