• Sarah Yecke

5 Tips for Socializing New Software on Campus: Takeaways From Lehigh University

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Adopting new software on campus can be a challenge, especially when multiple stakeholders are involved.

In a recent webinar, Ellen Liebenow, Research Program Development Specialist from Lehigh University, shared how the strategic rollout of InfoReady has led to a smooth adoption process for managing their internal grant programs. On their 1-year anniversary of using the system, they are already starting to expand their use to related offices, hoping to maximize its full capability on campus. Below are Ellen’s tips for a successful transition to InfoReady.

  • Start early. Lehigh University completed their implementation in the summer, giving administrators time to learn the system and develop a communication plan before starting the academic year.

  • Craft messaging. When explaining the upcoming transition to InfoReady, Ellen made sure to send emails with example screenshots and contact information for any questions. These messages were sent well in advance of the start of the first award cycle.

  • Cover your bases. Many individuals are involved in the funding process, and Lehigh made sure to reach out to all stakeholders. They even created a specific guide for the dean and department chair approval processes to explain exactly how the new workflow would take place.

  • Be prepared for questions. During the first few competitions run through the system, Ellen was the point person for any questions. She noticed an initial uptick in inquiries, but that traffic has since decreased below original volume as users have become familiar with the system.

  • Plan for the future. As she plans for the upcoming academic year, Ellen will still be the primary contact for InfoReady. However, she also shares InfoReady’s built-in support resources with new administrators, so the training process is not solely on her shoulders.

We want to thank Ellen for sharing her insights on how Lehigh University has successfully used InfoReady during their first year of the system. Her tips will help any administrator working through implementing a new software product on campus.

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