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Using InfoReady Engagement Hub During the COVID-19 Emergency

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

State University Health, Safety, & Campus Resources Photo

Universities and colleges across the world have been faced with many challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. Perhaps the most important question to ask to address these problems is how do schools communicate effectively with their faculty, staff, and students when these groups have suddenly been quarantined or scattered?

On our demo Scale site, State University, InfoReady created a new carousel called "Health, Safety, and Campus Resources." It provides an example of how to share relevant information. And, as it turns out, some clients using InfoReady Scale have already begun using their InfoReady Engagement Hub sites to communicate information and policy changes to their respective campus communities.

Case Western Reserve University

Case Western SOM Engagement Hub & Unified Research Tool photo

Case Western School of Medicine launched their InfoReady Scale Engagement Hub & Unified Search Tool in the Fall of 2019 with the goal of making information and resources readily available for faculty and staff in one place.

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pearline Cartwright, the InfoReady administrator for the School of Medicine, created a new carousel at the top of the page for Remote Working Resources. As of today 14 resources, including their VPN, video conferencing, travel forms, and CDC information, are gathered together and can be updated in minutes as the situation evolves. Click here to watch a webinar where Case Western discusses how they conceptualized and implemented their Engagement Hub.

Wayne State University

Wayne State University K-12 Engagement Hub photo

Wayne State University in Detroit, MI was gearing up for their second year using its InfoReady Scale Engagement Hub to share its K-12 camps, summer programming, and K-12 student resources. It has rapidly become a key resource for Detroit parents for planning and scheduling summer activities. In preparation for the new season Wayne State had worked on several improvements to functionality. All programs were now required to use the InfoReady Scale Workflow for the student application process. Wayne State and InfoReady also collaborated to integrate InfoReady Scale with Wayne State's payment provider CashNet so that payments could be accepted with applications.

With the scheduling uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Wayne State made the difficult decision not to use the CashNet integration, but to keep accepting applications. If the situation improves and the camps are able to take place as scheduled, staff can reach out to parents and students for payment before camps begin.

Chloe Lundine, the InfoReady Scale administrator at Wayne State, created a carousel for COVID-19 Updates that is the first thing students and parents see when they go to the site. She will use it to keep the community aware of any changes to the summer programming.

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech's Office of University Outreach & Engagement is in the final stages of launching its InfoReady Engagement Hub. Texas Tech wants to build awareness of its programs through its InfoReady Engagement Hub. The objective of the project is to bring many groups together including TTU students, faculty, and staff. Texas Tech also wanted to engage with the larger Lubbock, Texas community, including K-12 students and their parents, veterans, and more.

Having a Trending Now carousel at the top of the page helps ensure that new and rapidly approaching programs are highlighted first. With the COVID-19 pandemic closing campus for now, Texas Tech is including campus updates as the first thing guests will see when they visit.

InfoReady is proud that its tools can be used during this time of crisis, to help support a remote working environment, and provide our clients with continuity.

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