Brand Awareness: Getting Your Audience to Notice You

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

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The Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) out of the California State University had a problem. The industries that would most benefit from its research largely didn't know that ARI existed.

ARI supports applied research that answers the needs of agricultural industries so that they can keep themselves competitive and also help manage natural resources, says Dr. David Still, Executive Director, California State University Agricultural Research. 

Dr. Still sat down with Maurice Collins, InfoReady COO, for a casual conversation on how increasing the brand awareness of ARI has led to increased connections between academia and industry to benefit both, Dr. Still sees ARI as a connector between need and talent.  Relationships between researchers and industry can last decades, but starting them can be difficult.

When Maurice asked what would happen if stakeholders and commodity boards didn’t know about ARI Dr. Still said “The very research that will actually help save   their industry is probably not going to get done because they have not found us” only slightly joking.

Research is quite unpredictable and the unexpected discoveries are those that have very large impacts, but the day to day bread and butter research is important too says Dr. Still. With applied research you can often see the effects immediately which benefits agricultural industries, and this also helps researchers build programs and find future funding.

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