• Sarah Yecke

Clever Ways to Use Dates and Deadlines

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Recent updates to how the Details page of a competition can be configured allow administrators to show or hide any field to applicants, including dates and deadlines. Here are some things to expect with the new functionality:

  • The date and deadline fields are now grouped together into their own dates section on the Details page, including any added custom date fields.

  • Administrators can edit the title label of the dates section (e.g, Key Dates, Competition Timeline).

  • Applicants will see all date fields grouped together at the top of the Details page.

  • The Internal Submission Deadline is displayed first, followed by all other dates in chronological order.

The enhanced functionality can be used in a variety of creative ways to convey important information to applicants and facilitate different types of opportunities:

Private or Invitation-Only Opportunities

  • List the Internal Submission Deadline as a date in the future

  • List the Remove from Homepage Date as a date in the past to keep the competition hidden.

  • Use the Share functionality to invite specific applicants to apply.

Ongoing or Rolling Deadlines

  • Make the Internal Submission Deadline far in the future, but hide it from applicants.

  • Use other fields on the Details page like Category, Award Cycle, and/or Description to clarify that the opportunity accepts applications on a rolling or ongoing basis.

Track External Result of Internal Award

  • List a Funding Organization Deadline on any competition made with the Funding Opportunity template.

  • This activates a way to track the external result of the application(s) awarded in InfoReady Review. The “Awarded?” column on the Application Grid will list “Pending” for the application(s), which means the decision from the funding organization is pending.

  • Once you become aware of the funding organization’s decision, click pending and select Yes or No to store the data in the reports.

Allow Re-Submissions

  • After returning applications for edits, edit the Internal Submission Deadline to a future date, and make the Remove From Homepage Date the prior Internal Submission Deadline.

  • Check the box that says: “Show Remove From Homepage Date to applicants instead of Internal Submission Deadline” to indicate that the initial deadline has passed.

Provide a Timeline

  • Add a variety of custom dates that identify different parts of the process, such as a review committee meeting, award decision date, and anticipated progress report submissions.

  • Label the header of the dates section accordingly, like “Competition Timeline” or “List of Key Dates.”

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