• Sarah Yecke

Customizing Sitewide Terms

Has competition-specific language in InfoReady ever caused confusion in the past? Do you wish you could re-name terminology across the platform to provide better clarity for your intended audience?

InfoReady now allows clients to customize key terms to suit their needs. The terminology changes you select will be propagated sitewide (not per competition) everywhere the terms appear on the platform, including the user interface, notifications, PDFs, and reports. Within InfoReady, we call the new options to customize terminology 'contextualization'.

In order to prevent multiple requests that conflict with one another, we ask that one of your primary site administrators (Super or Global admins) contact us to make the changes. InfoReady will provide a form listing all the terms that can be edited along with spaces to enter the new terms you plan to use in their stead.

Please note that some institutions have separate instances of InfoReady implemented on their campus (microsites are not counted as separate instances). Each of these separate instances of InfoReady can have their own unique terminology configured. For example, the terminology for the College of Liberal Arts could be configured differently from the College of Medicine if the two colleges had different instances of InfoReady.

List of Configurable InfoReady Terms Note: All forms of the term will be changed, i.e., verb tenses, noun forms, etc.

  • Accept (paired with Return)

  • Applicant

  • Application

  • Award (paired with Reject)

  • Awardee

  • Co-applicant

  • Competition

  • Letter of Intent

  • Progress report

  • Reference letter

  • Reject (paired with Award)

  • Return (paired with Accept)

  • Review

  • Reviewer


  • Application > Submission

  • Accept > Move Forward

  • Return > Re-Submit

  • Reviewer > Committee Member

  • Progress Report > Annual Report

Super or Global Administrators can contact their account manager or email support@inforeadycorp.com to request the terminology update form.