• Jenn Hudgins

InfoReady welcomes the California Walnut Board to its family of InfoReady Users

Updated: Feb 3

California Walnuts logo

InfoReady Corporation, a leading provider of workflow software to research and higher education, announced today that the California Walnut Board has elected InfoReady as one of its online internal research competition system providers. InfoReady automates research competitions, allowing the graphic presentation of all opportunities on a single web display, one-click information and application access, simplified application submissions, and an easy to use portal and forms for reviewers. For administrators, InfoReady provides intuitive set-up and use without requiring IT support, elicits more complete applications from researchers, and incorporates robust metrics for enhanced decision-making.

Another significant benefit of using InfoReady is the extraordinary time-savings made possible by automating workflow processes that otherwise require weeks or months of staff time for a single research competition. According to Michelle McNeil Connelly, Executive Director at California Walnut Board, “InfoReady is a wonderful tool that has modernized our request for proposal processes, streamlining workflows for internal and external stakeholders, while also serving a central repository for a multitude of various projects. Our transition has been seamless thanks to the excellent customer support and onboarding teams at InfoReady.”

InfoReady Chairman, Bhushan Kulkarni welcomed the California Walnut Board to InfoReady’s growing family of over 175 colleges and universities, medical research centers, commodity boards, and research organizations globally. “It’s been exhilarating to watch how organizations like the California Walnut Board have adopted InfoReady. These groups have identified that they can adopt InfoReady quickly and significantly enhance their research competitions in the process, and we’re delighted that the California Walnut Board will now benefit from this secure, Cloud-based platform. Along with our related application, InfoReady Scale™ -- designed for outreach and the promotion – we’re proud to be revolutionizing workflow processes in research to save time, save money, and reduce errors.”

InfoReady Corporation is an Ann Arbor-based technology company dedicated to streamlining the information overload typically associated with its customers business objectives. InfoReady’s powerful SaaS solutions enable clients to locate relevant information that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to find. The company’s flagship product, InfoReady Review, continues to revolutionize the way in which research offices manage form collection and review processes throughout their organization. To learn more, visit http://www.inforeadycorp.com.