• Sarah Yecke

The InfoReady Administrator Listserv

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Have you ever wondered “How have other offices used InfoReady for this type of program?” Are you looking for best practices on certain processes? Want to brainstorm new use cases with administrators at other institutions? Then the new InfoReady listserv may be a great place to start!

The goal of the listserv is to facilitate conversations among InfoReady administrators, as well as our Client Services team, so that the system is used to its fullest potential. Depending on your question, we may share existing resources or insights, or other members of the group may reply directly to you.

Some examples of questions and topics that the listserv may be used for are:

  • We’re thinking of using InfoReady for XYZ but haven’t done so before. Any recommendations?

  • Would anyone be willing to share an InfoReady template you use for XYZ?

  • How do you design your review process for XYZ?

  • What kind of language do you use in emails to reviewers?

Administrators can sign up for the listserv at:


Details on the InfoReady listserv rules and guidelines can be found at:


In addition to the new listserv, you may also want to consider visiting the InfoReady Forums page in the Support Portal to search for topics and post questions.