• Sarah Yecke

Proxy Access and Collaborating on Applications

Updated: Apr 20

Do your applicants need the ability to have others submit files or even full proposals on their behalf? Are collaborative applications common for some of your opportunities? If so, the proxy functionality in InfoReady can address both these scenarios.

What is a proxy?

  • A proxy can start drafts or submit applications for another user. The final submitted application is associated with the main applicant’s account (e.g., the PI), regardless of the user who submits it (e.g., a departmental or lab assistant). This ensures the application data in the system will be tied to the main author of the materials, who is considered the applicant in the system.

  • Proxies only have access to applications, not review assignments. Reviews must be completed by the user assigned to the application(s). Proxies to not have access to pending or submitted reviews for any user they are a proxy for.

How are proxies assigned?

  • By the individual - A user can add one or more proxies on their profile page, which is accessed by clicking their name next to “Hello” in the upper right corner of the site.

  • By an administrator - Super Administrators (and Global Administrators, when microsites are enabled) can add proxies for others from the Manage Users section of the Administration tab.

How can proxies be used?

  • Submissions - The assigned proxy can fill out entire applications for the applicant. Or, either user can start a draft, save it, and then have the other user do a final check before submitting. This can be a helpful process if the PI wants to verify file uploads or other information before submitting.

  • Collaboration - In a similar way, saving an application as a draft can be used by multiple users who are all proxies for each other. A typical example would be co-applicants filling out various parts of the application. They would choose one team member to be the main submitter, and then always access the draft as a proxy by selecting that user’s account. Once everyone completed their part, any co-applicant could submit.

The proxy functionality can help applicants save time by delegating proposal submissions to other users or collaborating with colleagues within the system.

Need more information on proxy access or permissions in InfoReady? Contact our Support Team at support@inforeadycorp.com. Read other helpful articles here.