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The InfoReady Customer Referral Program

InfoReady is growing rapidly, and we are excited to expand the base of universities, colleges and research institutions using our technology. 

So, we want to extend a thank you to institutions who introduce us to potential new institutional clients before the end of 2019 by offering discounts toward your institution’s next renewal…

It Starts With Cake

As soon as you introduce us to a colleague at another institution, we will send you and your colleague something delicious.


That's right. Each institution you introduce to us will receive Zingerman’s Coffee Cake, and we will send one to share around your office too as soon as the introduction is made.

Up to One Year Free?

One Successful Introduction = 10% Credit
If your institution introduces us to another institution and if the introduced institution becomes an InfoReady client by December 31, 2020, we will give your referring institution a credit equal to 10% of their present subscription toward their next renewal.

Two Successful Introductions = 25% Credit
If you make a second successful referral in the matter specified above, your institution will get a 15% credit (25% total).

Three Successful Introductions = Credit for Entire Contract Year Free 

If you make a third successful referral in the matter specified above, your institution will get a 75% credit (100% total). Or, in other words, an entire contract year for free.


Program Rules

  • Maximum credit earned may not exceed $25,000

  • Introductions must be a ‘warm’ referral made via email, copying us on the email.

  • Successful Introduction = By December 31, 2020, referred institution executes a contract for more than $8,000 in annual subscriptions for any of InfoReady’s Review, Scale, Engagement Hub or Other Products

  • Introductions to existing InfoReady customers and introductions to institutions already in the process of procuring InfoReady software are excluded from this offer.

  • To receive a coffee cake, the introduced party must be an administrator who is a viable purchaser of InfoReady software.

To Get Started With Making a Referral...

Just send us an email with your contact info,

and we will reach out to you:

Thank you!

-The InfoReady Team

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