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InfoReady cuts the busywork associated with managing application, review, and selection processes for: 
  • Internal funding opportunities
  • Limited submissions
  • Seed & pilot grants
  • Bridge grants
  • CFR-endowed research
  • Travel grants and approvals
  • Bridge funding
  • Poster competitions
  • No-cost extensions
  • Time-release requests
  • Cost-share requests
  • COI information gathering
  • Accelerator prizes & awards
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Creating awareness and communicating success
"InfoReady allows our teams to review Faculty Research Program applications with unprecedented efficiency and fairness. Between my office, the deans, and the committees, we’ve saved 160 hours this year – and that’s just for one of our programs."
Janet Rentsch
Director of Sponsored Programs and IRB Research Compliance


  • Post and share opportunities

  • Create custom forms

  • Collect and route proposals

  • Communicate with applicants and reviewers

  • Track activity and progress


  • Search for relevant opportunities

  • Submit materials and progress reports

  • Get timely notifications and reminders

  • Keep track of historical applications



  • Receive timely email reminders 

  • Access easily with single sign-on (SSO)

  • Complete all reviews in a single online workspace

  • Review with confidence, knowing forms and applications are complete and correct


Case Study: How a Small Office of Research Development More Than Doubled their Limited Submissions

InfoReady's integration with Pivot allows research administrators to quickly create limited submission selection processes in InfoReady by clicking on a sponsored research opportunity in Pivot.

"Any time we involve outside stakeholders, the system has to be robust, but it also has to be simple, intuitive, and seamless. It's why I keep coming back to InfoReady."

David Stone, PH.D., Chief Research Officer
For administrators, InfoReady eliminates a lot of chores by streamlining:  
  • Sponsorship requests
  • Curating lists of opportunities
  • Automating alerts to faculty
  • Automating alerts to reviewers
  • Activity tracking and reporting
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