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Solving problems campus-wide.


  • Consolidates and promotes your opportunities with an Engagement Hub

  • Centralizes your forms and business processes

  • Tracks and reports the visibility of your programs

  • Easily integrates with InfoReady Review™


  • Integrates with your existing systems

  • Improve oversight, analytics, compliance, and reporting

  • No user training required

  • Easy to implement; no IT staff required

  • Save time and resources for you and your audience

The benefits of InfoReady Scale :

  • Increased program awareness
  • Improved oversight, compliance, and reporting
  • Save time and resources
  • Simpler program administration
  • Easier for your audience to participate

InfoReady Scale is a platform for campus-wide engagement


  • Recruiting
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment Management
  • Student Services
  • Clubs
  • Community Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Research Administration
  • Asset Management
  • Awards
InfoReady Scale™ in Research Offices: 
Promote funding competitions and other department programs on the marketplace for improved awareness and engagement. As faculty are exploring new funding opportunities, they can see other resources, workshops, and seminars available to them.
These other resources were often underutilized
due to lack of exposure.
InfoReady Scale™ in Student Success: 
In an example use case, InfoReady Scale supported all aspects of a Student Success conference with cross-institution knowledge sharing and full support for the conference needs. This allowed presenters to submit presentations via the marketplaces and provided automated publishing of the presentation material upon the close of the session. An Engagement Hub was used for soliciting feedback and student success resources for publishing. By co-locating these resources within the Engagement Hub, conference attendees were cross-exposed to, and engaged with other conference resources.
InfoReady Scale™ in General Education: 
InfoReady Scale allows for students to search and explore all of the general education courses much like they explore music. An RSVP workflow capability is utilized to identify which courses students are most interested in prior to registration day. This allows the registrar to understand if they may have scheduling conflicts or course overages/shortages. Additionally, faculty members can promote their unique approach to a course and educate the student about why they may wish to take their course.
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