The Broad Applicability of InfoReady Review

October 29, 2018


InfoReady Review was initially built for Offices of Research/Sponsored Programs. However, InfoReady Review can now be found in units throughout campus who have implemented the system for a vast range of uses.

The following list of real implementations is a testament to InfoReady's wide applicability:


  • Graduate Schools: Fellowships and Awards

  • Corporate Foundation Relations: Limited Submissions for Foundations, Sponsorship Requests

  • Medical Schools: Internal Grants and Awards

  • Provosts Offices/Offices of Faculty Affairs: Awards, Internal Grants, Faculty Forms and Applications (tenure, promotion, sabbatical, requests for release time, notifications of outside employment, etc.)

  • Centers/Institutes: Re-granting, Travel Grants, Seed Grants, Awards, Limited Submission Competitions,

  • President’s Offices: Sponsorship requests, Awards, Internal Grants

  • Undergraduate Research/Honors Colleges: Internal Grants, Fellowships, Honors Contracts, Research Assistantships, Poster Competitions

  • Individual Colleges/Departments: Awards, Travel Grants, Scholarships

  • Human Resources: Awards

  • Career Development Centers: Internship Applications

If you're wondering what InfoReady can do for you, speaking to a representative is the next step. We would love to hear from you!


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