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University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Pennsylvania State University Adopt InfoReady's SaaS Platform to Automate, Manage Grant Funding


ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- InfoReady Review™ continues to prove its power, versatility, and accessibility with recent implementation at leading research institutions. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) and Pennsylvania State University have all chosen the platform to streamline time-consuming grant funding processes. Review™ offers increased efficiency and frees up resources to be reassigned to other fundraising efforts and opportunities.


"InfoReady is proud to welcome these fine institutions to our growing family of clients," commented InfoReady chief growth officer, Dan Stechow. "We look forward to providing the same increase in efficiencies and lowering of administration costs currently enjoyed by campuses across the country."


UTHSC chose InfoReady Review at the National Council of University Researchers Association conference. Lisa Youngentob, director of research development, explained, saying, "Managing intramural grant submissions is an incredibly labor-intensive task. InfoReady Review will allow us to streamline this process, freeing up an enormous amount of time. Due to its inherent flexibility, we look forward to expanding its use beyond funding opportunities and limited submissions to many different areas of operations in the UTHSC Office of Research."


The platform also garnered high interest from research professionals at Penn State. Their Office of the Vice President for Research has chosen to use InfoReady Review in four distinct offices, further illustrating its multifaceted functionality.


"We chose InfoReady because our administration teams can span 24 Penn State campuses, not to mention numerous institutes, centers or university organizations," said Michelle Hutnik, Director of Research Analytics and Communications. "InfoReady has already helped us coordinate activities among the many stakeholders working on these projects."


To date, InfoReady Review is in use at over 100 colleges and universities nationwide. ______________________________________________________________________________


About InfoReady Corporation


InfoReady Corporation is an Ann Arbor-based technology company dedicated to providing their clients with the ability to not only streamline the information overload typically associated with their business objectives, but to empower those clients with the ability to locate relevant information that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to locate. Their flagship product, InfoReady Review™ continues to revolutionize the way that Higher Education Offices of Research manage grant applications, internal funding requests, candidate selection, scholarships, and tenure and promotion applications. For more information, visit


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