Cheryl Ridgeway
Research Support Coordinator
OVPR, University of Iowa
Brittany Ryan
Research Development Coordinator
OVPR, University of Iowa
January 28th, 2020
1-2pm ET / 10-11am PT

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Hilliary Creeley, Associate Dean for Research, and Bethany Jackson, Systems Manager, from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, describe the positive fundamental changes they've made to their organization, and how new technologies have helped.
Guest Speakers
Hilliary Creeley
Bethany Jackson
August 2019
Guest Speaker
Stephen David Beck, Ph.D
December 2018
InfoReady welcomes guest speaker Stephen David Beck, Ph.D., from Louisiana State University, who discusses how LSU is using the InfoReady marketplace to promote InfoReady Review competitions and opportunities, as well as other activities from their Research Office.
Our panelists Elizabeth Fedie and Susan Fautsch from the Masonic Cancer Center at UMN share their best practices managing research funding programs and other processes. The panelists will also highlight how they run their Seed Grant programs and track outcomes.
Guest Speakers
Elizabeth Fedie
Susan Fautsch
May 2019
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